Internet Vote

Internet Vote


November 1, 2019


Joe Wheeler EMC Members overwhelmingly pass High-Speed Internet measure

Trinity AL - Following nearly a month of voting by mail, Joe Wheeler EMC members cast the final ballots in person for the electric cooperative's High-Speed Internet Proposal.  With all votes counted, the measure was overwhelmingly approved, with almost 94 percent of the membership saying yes. As the polls closed at 3 pm on Friday, Nov. 1, a total of 7,210 ballots were counted by the accounting firm Jackson Thornton, making the Broadband measure the largest vote in recent history to take place at JWEMC.

The final vote tallies were:

6,750 – Yes for 93.62 percent

460 – No for 6.38 percent

Following the announcement, Joe Wheeler EMC General Manager, George Kitchens said "I want to thank the members for taking the time not only to vote but for participating in this process. It has been encouraging to see the members come to meetings, asking questions, and taking a stake in their cooperative. I see these numbers as a vote of confidence for us to move forward with this project and bring this much-needed service to all of our members. Now it's time for the real work to begin."

The passage of the High-Speed Internet Proposal means Joe Wheeler EMC will build and own a fiber-optic network for the purpose of providing high-speed internet, telephone, and other services. It has been estimated that the system will take at least five (5) years to build and will cost approximately $95 - $110 million to complete. In addition to the public, Joe Wheeler EMC intends to use a portion of the fiber-optic network for communications and other electric co-op purposes.

The winners of the drawings for the $100 Gift Cards are:

Gabe Poole
Waylin Haygood
Kerry Hamlett
Karen Wynne​​​​​​​
Robert Paul Morgan
Jeremy Moore
Kimberly Hooper
Wayne Hill
Kim McNutt
Timothy Helms