Mobile Home Policies

Mobile Home Policies

Service Requirements:

  1. Must complete application.
  2. Must pay construction cost and deposit (if applicable) To apply for permanent residential credit, septic tank approval will be required.
  3. Must obtain building or parking permit (if applicable).
  4. Must obtain easements for right-of-way.
  5. Must obtain meter base from electrical supplier.
  6. Must spot meter pole and guy location if required after mobile home is located on the property.


  1. Must be factory treated to prevent decay
  2. Must be at least five feet (5') in the ground and guyed when necessary
  3. Must be provided and installed by customers
  4. Must be at least 25 feet (25') long
  5. JWEMC will make height determination after visual examination of site

NOTE: EMT Conduit is not approved for burial. Use schedule 40 or schedule 60, or rigid metal.

Please read the requirements for electric service to mobile homes in the following documents:


Mobile Home Specifications-1 and Mobile Home Specifications-2